Local Rates

As Governed by The City of Norfolk


First One Seventh Mile or Fraction


Each Successive One Seventh Mile or Fraction (at 12 MPH or better)


Below 12 MPH, Each Minute

Waiting Time

For Each Minute of Waiting Time …..$0.25

Waiting Time Shall Include:

  • Time consumed while taxicab is waiting and available to passenger beginning five minutes after the time of arrival at the place to which it has been called. (No time shall be charged for premature response to a call.)
  • Time consumed while a taxicab is stopped or slowed for traffic to a speed of less than 12 miles per hour. While such time is being charged, there shall be no charge for mileage.
  • Time consumed for delays or stopovers en route at the direction of the passenger.
  • Waiting time shall not include time lost on account of inefficiency of a taxicab.

Fare Estimator

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